RCC Tokyo (Tokyo Climate Center)

Mandatory RCC Functions
Operational Activities for Long-range Forecasting

Interpret and assess relevant LRF products from GPCs, distribute relevant information to RCC Users, and provide feedback to GPCs.

Generate regional and sub-regional tailored products, relevant to RCC user needs, including seasonal outlooks etc.

Perform verification of RCC quantitative LRF products, including the exchange of basic forecast and hindcast data.

Generate consensus statement on regional or sub-regional forecasts.

Operational Activities for Climate Monitoring

Perform climate diagnostics including analysis of climate variability and extremes, at regional and sub-regional scales.

Establish a historical reference climatology for the region and/or sub-regions.

Implement a regional climate watch.

Operational Data Services, to support operational LRF and climate monitoring

Develop quality controlled regional climate datasets, gridded where applicable.

Provide climate database and archiving services.

Training in the use of operational RCC products and services

Provide information on methodologies and product specifications for mandatory RCC products, and provide guidance on their use.

Coordinate training for RCC Users in interpretation and use of mandatory RCC products.


Contact information

E-mail: tcc@met.kishou.go.jp

URL: http://ds.data.jma.go.jp/tcc/tcc/index.html

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